To DO 

The Gansbaai / Pearly Beach area is unique as it offers such a wide variety of experiences. 

We are sharing some of our personal favorites with you to enjoy during your stay.


Wine Tasting

Lomond Wine Estate

Experience the subtle tranquility of sitting next to the dam, basking in the sun, sipping wine while bantering with close friends.

Lomond is known for their amazing platters, made up of local produce. They offer a wide variety of wines to enjoy. Taste any 5 wines from R150pp.

Open daily, 22km from Pearly Beach.  

Horse Trails

Gansbaai & Pearly Beach Horse Trails

Definitely a bucket list item - swimming with horses in the ocean!  Strangely relaxing and thrilling at the same time. 

Enjoy either Beach, Fynbos, Sunset or Night trails, guided by true professionals - who know how to have fun! 

2 km from Pearly Beach. 


Walking / hiking


One of Pearly Beach's best features is it's most amazing shorelines. Vast, uncharted beaches. 

With no costs at all, beaches has to be one of life's greatest pleasures. 

Enjoy a brisk early morning walk with the dogs, a fun day in the sun with the kiddies or sundowners with friends.

Stock up your picnic supplies from the local all-in-one shop (almost everything but beer & hardtack can be found there) and head down to the beach! 

Many different beach options to choose from, almost all accessible from car park areas. 



Hit the road & get the blood pumping!

Take the tar road in either Die Dam or Gansbaai's direction or take on Lomond Wine Estate's MTB routes (R40 donation for a day visitor). 

Or try our personal favorite loop, heading through the small village called Wolvengat and stop at the unique little general dealer for a quick energy snack. 


Fishing /  Boating

Pearly Beach is a fisherman's paradise, with many fish in the sea and no one around to disturb your peace.


You can choose to fish from the shore or boat.


On the boat topic, as per age old tradition, every year on the 31st of December, a fleet of pencil duck boats pass by, doing a pitstop on the Pearly Beach, beach.  

Dunes 4x4

Hidden gem, known by very few. 

A captivating type of beauty that never grows old. 

A sea of white sand dunes, playground for the ruggedly, skilled, 4x4 enthusiast. 

Roughly 70km drive from Pearly Beach.

As this is on private property and in keeping this a hidden gem, further details will be shared after confirming your booking. 


Dining out

Fynbos Deck Restaurant


Enjoy a sundowner on this restaurant's small & cozy deck area (only roughly 3 tables on the deck), with a truly delicious meal afterwards.

Don't expect your typical small town pub & grub vibe

Based in Pearly Beach. 

Beer Tasting 

Whale Coast Brewing Co.


Taste a selection of locally brewed craft beers. 

This family owned business not only dishes out great client serves but also the most mouth watering pizza's & burgers! 


Based in Pearly Beach. 


Local PUB

The Pizza Shack & Pub


No small, beach town is complete without their local pub. 

This is where you'll find the locals hanging out, mostly barefoot, happy and on a slight buzz. 


Drop by for pizzas, a game of pool or an ice cold beer!

Based in Pearly Beach. 


Hiking Trails

Lomond Wine Estate

Yet again, we'd recommend the local wine farm. For only R40 donation fee, you can embark on your route of choice.

We pick and choose between the walking routes and cycling routes, anything from 5km to 50km.


22km from Pearly Beach.