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Why Salted Fynbos

My name is Sanmarie and I'm the founder of  Salted Fynbos Staying. I am also your direct contact person on any of your enquiries. 

My husband and I live on a farm, right outside of Pearly Beach, on a piece of land running from Fynbos covered mountains, all the way down to the remote shorelines.

The inspiration behind the name, Salted Fynbos Staying is from the beauty of our area that lies in the magical harmony between the salty sea and the lush Fynbos flowers, almost as if the fynbos is salted with the sea breeze running from the beach all the way up to the mountains. 

I started this business in July 2021, during the COVID lockdown period, as a side hustle. Since inception we've been very blessed and the business has grown much faster & larger than I ever imagined. 

June 2022 our family also grew larger with the addition of our baby boy, after his birth I decided to leave my fulltime job and focus solely on my family and my own business. 

Every single day I am thankful for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom while running a successful business. 


Our being has been touched by this special area we live in.

Changing our approach on life - appreciating the small moments in life, slow living, enjoying the bare minimum. 

We want to share this area's inspiring beauty & joy with you, our guests.  

Send me a Whatsapp and I'll hook you up with your ideal holiday rental. 

067 774 3619

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