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Why Salted Fynbos

Pearly Beach and it's surroundings imparts a way of living on to those who've experienced it. 

The area's untouched natural beauty captivates you in awe. 

My husband and I, grew up in this area.

We currently farm just outside of Pearly Beach, on a piece of land running from a Fynbos covered mountain, all the way down to the shoreline.  

Our being has been touched by this special place.

Changing our approach on life.

Appreciating the small moments in life, like an impromptu sundowner mission, with packing less than the bare minimum. 

Planning our holidays in search of the strangest, smallest,

most unique places. 

Looking for roads less traveled (my husband being an adrenal fueled motorcyclist, sometimes takes this up way too seriously).

The panoramic photo below, is one of our favorite 'date night' spots (also know as my Happy Place) - on top of the Fynbos covered mountain, overlooking the magnificent ocean view. 

While basking in nature's beauty, with an inner peace that surpasses all understanding, we designed & shaped our business model... and name; Salted Fynbos

We want to share this area's inspiring beauty & joy with you.  

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